Attempting to get some writing done from home today. Doesn't seem like a tall order for most; but, for me it's a big step. During my darkest, most anxious days being home alone at night while my wife is at work exacerbates my fears, worries, anxious thought patterns, and feelings of emptiness, loneliness, and worthlessness. …

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My Mutinous Brain

Everyone gets bogged down and loses focus from time to time - that's just how life works. But, for those who are far more critical of themselves due to a mutinous brain, this might help you see the bigger picture.

Because I said so.

I am on a journey. Discontented with the path I was on, I knew It was time for real change. I want to be a successful blogger, so I began following successful bloggers. I want to be a successful artist (of many types of art), so I began following many different types of artists. I …

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